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Surgeons in Operating Room

About Jawahar Hospital Chimakurthy


Jawahar nursing home is one of the best hospitals in chimakurthy with the finest doctors at patient’s service 24/7. This hospital is 60 bedded with facilities such as 10 ac rooms, emergency ward, lab, ambulance and pharmacy. The hospital has worthy doctors with excellence in their discipline of gynaecology, orthopaedic and general. The treatment standard is exceptionally outstanding and aims at the patient’s recovery in an amicable manner. It aims at a fast and qualitative recovery of the patient with the use of leading medical care at an affordable cost. 

Jawahar nursing home is formerly known as chimakurthy eye hospital established in 1950 by Dr.M.U.L.Narasimha Rao known as jyothi pradhata. After he passed away in 1996 chimakurthy eye hospital was converted to jawahar nursing home.

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Our mission is to provide superior and extraordinary health care at an affordable cost to help and save people’s lives, in spite of challenging situations.

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We would like to extend our services in various realms and make advancements in our technology to go beyond the accustomed techniques to provide more than leading standards of medication to our patients.

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