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Why women are ignoring their issues?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

“Women are the most selfless creatures on earth”, which is why they are too busy caring for everyone around them and don’t have time for themselves. Caring for others isn’t bad but neglecting oneself isn’t good either. Women are quite neglectful of their health and basically fall under two categories. Type 1 women very often refuse to visit the hospital thinking their issue is too small and they can take care of it and as a result neglect their health. Whereas type 2 women refuse to share their problems as they are too shy to reveal their inner health issues and keep their issue to themselves. The reasons maybe different but both the type of women commit the same mistake at last, which is self-medication.

Most of the women rely on self-medication till the issue is worsened. Being unaware of the ill-effects, women tend to use their in-sufficient knowledge and use self-medication. Due to this lack of medicine and dosage knowledge, they end-up making the body un-responsive to proper medication and hence higher dosage should be used by professional doctors to cure them which sometimes could be life-risking. Approaching the hospital at the early stages could help in detection of the disease and early medication could be helpful for the fast recovery of the patient.

A patient suffering from irregular periods thinks it’s normal and avoids hospitals. She used tablets and many home remedies of her choice to control her period as she wishes. And when she finally got married, she faced conceiving issues and any medication used would not give her the result she wanted. The ignorance here was a major fault. If she had consulted the doctor when she encountered the issue, the doctor would have provided her the correct medicine and advice through which she could have gotten better. Due to the usage of self-medication and home remedies, she further made her body unresponsive and mild dosage of medicine wouldn’t be sufficient for her treatment.

Every woman’s body type is different and the medication that suits one may not be effective for the other at times. The health condition and history of diseases that attacked the patient differentiates one patient from the other and hence their treatment also varies. Women should feel free to share their issues to their doctor as it could help them resolve the issue at earlier stages without future complications. They should start seeing their gynaecologists if they see any minor or major symptom which they are not sure of. Doctors can properly diagnose the issue and resolve it through medication and advice as they are efficient and trained for such situations.

Women should start giving importance to their health and take good care of themselves without being ignorant of their issues as life would be impossible without a female. Women should not feel their health issues to be private issues and start to express their issues to at least their gynaecologist who could trace out the issue and give proper medical advice on their issue.

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