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Orthopedic issues in senior citizens

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Due to old-age, senior citizens experience various kinds of orthopedic diseases which could be cured with either proper medication or through surgical procedures. Many people are struck with fear when they hear the word surgery, but we should understand that such surgeries are for the benefit and well-being of the patient. Through proper cooperation, various orthopedic diseases could be treated. Many orthopedic conditions require immediate attention while few should be treated at an early stage to avoid complications. There are various orthopedic diseases that one could suffer from but few common orthopedic conditions could be due to old age which certainly has a treatment.

Osteoporosis is a condition where the bone becomes too weak due to loss of too much bone. It is a condition where the bone becomes porous and becomes brittle due to porosity. Due to this condition, the bone could be broken easily, this is the major symptom that could be identified when people suffer from this condition. It could also be identified through severe back pain or collapsing of the bones. Visiting a good orthopedic could be a solution to this disease. The orthopedic would prescribe good medication along with advice on healthy lifestyle. Due to minor changes and medication, this condition could be easily treated.

Fractures could occur when an accident takes place or due to weak bones. When there is a fracture, there could be a clear visibility of dislocated bone or swelling and bruising along with bleeding and sharp pain. Fractures could either be treated surgically or non-surgically. The surgical method includes insertion of rods or plates through which the pieces of bones are held together for healing. Non-surgical methods include treatments like casts etc which would provide support to the bone.

Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis which occurs due to the wearing of the tissue at the end of the bones and generally occurs due to aging. It could start as a minor wear and tear of tissues which would slowly progress to be severe where the patient suffers from severe pain in the affected area. This could have noticeable symptoms like stiffening of the bone, loss of flexibility etc. depending upon the severity, surgical or non-surgical treatment is provided to the patient. For minor to moderate cases, medication and treatments like physiotherapy could provide relief.

Orthopedic trauma is one of the conditions where the reasons could range from minor fracture to serious injuries to bones in an accident. It is any serious damage that happens to the joints or bones due to external factors such as accidents, falling etc. it could be identified when there is immense pain after a sudden external accident and immediate doctor attention is required for such cases. The treatment procedure is decided on the basis of the sevierity of the condition. If the condition is not too serious then it may be treated through non-surgical procedures such as casts etc and if the condition is severe, then surgical procedures are a must.


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