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What is a Brain Tumor?

A brain tumor is usually an array of anomalous cells that breed out of control in the brain. Some brain tumors are benign, which means the cells that are not considered as cancer. While others are malignant, which is a type of cancer. It is a cancerous or non-cancerous mass or growth of abnormal cells in the brain.

Brain tumors are called primary tumors if they breed in the brain. They’re considered secondary if they grow in other parts body and then spread their boundaries to the brain.


The syndrome of brain tumors varies as per the kind of tumor and its location. Some tumors have no symptoms until they are evident enough. Once they manifest their existence then they cause a serious deterioration in health. Other tumors may have symptoms that develop slowly and steadily with time.

Common symptoms include:

· Headache that is not cured with the usual remedies. It gets worse sometimes.

· Seizures may mark its presence without history.

· Changes in speech or hearing or visionary issues.

· Difficulty in walking.

· Numbness or tingling in the arms or legs

· Lose of memory

· Inability to concentrate and loss of confidence

· Weakness and fatigue

· Morning nausea

Don't reach to any conclusion before checking with the doctor.


A physical examinational including a neurological test is a primary stage of diagnosis. If there's reason to suspect a brain tumor, the doctor may prescribe the following tests:

· CT scan or MRI to see detailed images of the brain.

· Angiogram or MRA, which use dye and X-rays of blood vessels in the brain to examine the marks of a tumor or abnormal blood vessels

· Biopsy test to examine if the tumor is cancer.


Medical Surgery to cut out the tumor is the first option once a brain tumor has been diagnosed. But some tumors can't be surgically removed because of their location in the brain. In those cases, chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be options for treating the tumor. chemotherapy or radiation is generally prescribed after surgery to clear the left-out cancer cells. Cancer treatment usually damages healthy tissue, it is essential to plan and execute things post-treatment. Rehabilitation could involve working with several different therapists, such as:

· Physical therapists to regain strength and balance in the body.

· Speech therapists to assist the speaking, expressing or swallowing.

· Occupational therapist to guide daily activities.

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